Lee McIntyre

Lee McIntyre is a retired award-winning life insurance pro. As a Jack Canfield Certified Trainer, he helps other life insurance advisors discover how to change their results by changing their mind.

Lee began his lifetime sales career at the age of seven, going door-to-door-selling Wallace Brown greeting cards, and he’s been selling ever since.

Beginning in 1969, as co-founder and president of a nationally-known noncommercial radio station, Lee sold millions and millions of dollars of supporting memberships for listener-supported Good News Radio – and he has consulted on the topics of sales and fundraising with more than a dozen other radio stations across the US and Canada.

His radio career was followed by a second career as an insurance advisor, selling life policies and annuities.

Now retired from active selling, Lee founded Planning on Purpose, LLC, with the specific goal of helping America’s life insurance professionals find greater wealth, health, and happiness.


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