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Your Prospects Can’t Help but Respect and Trust You When You Do This

Aug 13, 2019

What Do You Do When She Answers the Door Wearing a Sign That Says, “Please Love Me”?

I rang the bell. My prospect answered the door. She was a gorgeous brunette with big brown eyes. The dress she was wearing was stunning. Was she attractive? I’ll say! And I couldn’t help but notice the sign she wore around her neck. It said, “Please Love Me” in a beautiful blue script.

I stopped in my tracks. …

Earlier that day, I’d been doing some reading....

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7 Ways to Keep Your Clients from Dropping out During Underwriting (and a Bonus Tip)

Aug 06, 2019

How to Strengthen the Bond with Your New Clients, Even During the Long Lull of Underwriting

A coaching client I’ll call April told me, “I’d sure like to know how to keep so many clients from dropping out while their applications go through underwriting. Sometimes I think they just get bored waiting. People today are used to having things happen at the speed of the Internet.”

I paused for a moment, then replied, “I know what you mean. A lot of agents have this...

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Answer These 28 Questions and Watch Your Life Insurance Sales Success Grow – Part 2

Jul 30, 2019

What Do You Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything?

A life insurance advisor I’ll call Arthur Clark is a true professional, with the kind of success every agent dreams of. In fact, Art made Million Dollar Roundtable his very first year.

“How’d you do that?” I asked him.

“I wasn’t afraid to knock on doors,” he replied proudly.

“Cold calling?”

“Yep, up and down the street. Every street. And not always in the nicest...

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Answer These 28 Questions and Watch Your Life Insurance Sales Success Grow – Part 1

Jul 23, 2019

Want More Success? Ask Yourself More Questions!

As a life insurance professional, you’ve been taught from your very first training to ask your prospects questions. It’s the way to build rapport, to uncover felt needs, to establish trust, and much, much more.

And that’s all good.

But if you’re struggling in your life insurance career, if you don’t look forward to work every single day, if you struggle to stay on board with your own program, it’s time to...

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What if You Could Fix Your Number One Cause of Failure?

Jul 16, 2019

The 30-Day Fix for the Major Problem Many Life Insurance Professionals Face

A woman I’ll call Cindy wants so badly to succeed as an insurance professional. The only problem is, she doesn’t have any prospects. She doesn’t know where to find any prospects. Her organization tosses her a few leads every now and then, but so far none of these prospects has become a client.

Cindy has a family depending on her, but she’s waiting for … well, she’s not sure what...

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Creating Your Future Ideal Life

Jul 09, 2019

Your Future Ideal Life Begins in Your Head

Debbie Wilder, “The Finance Fixer,” is a life insurance advisor in Torrington, Connecticut. She’s been successful in business for years, but she struggled with approaching people “cold” and offering her services, until she heard me speak at a national conference of life insurance agents earlier this year.

She later related this story to me, and gave me permission to share it with you.

Debbie says,

I had “The Grout...

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Help More People and Earn More Money Using This Powerful Technique

Jul 02, 2019

The Insurance Practice of Your Dreams: Achieve It When You Believe It

Paul Robinett hasn’t always been a life insurance agent. In fact, he was a truck driver for 16 years. In 2009, Paul was looking for something he might enjoy more, and thought he’d try selling life insurance. But he failed the license exam several times and decided, “This isn’t for me!”

Paul had a friend in the business who kept telling him that he’d be good at life insurance, and three...

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You’ll Be the Envy of Your Agency as You Find More Prospects and Close More Clients with This Daily 5-Minute Technique

Jun 11, 2019

How to Find More Prospects and Close More Clients Using the Secret Weapon Known to Many Agents—But Actually Used by Very Few

As a life insurance professional, what do you want more of? Let me guess: more prospects and more sales, right?

It’s what every life insurance agent wants.

Prospect-finding strategies are important, and closing techniques are vital, of course.

But that’s not where success begins!

Success begins between your ears.

Literally, you change your results by ...

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Create Affirmations to Propel You to Greater Success as a Life Insurance Professional

Jun 04, 2019

Poor Connie—She Doesn’t Understand the Power of Affirmations

Connie Williams* really wanted to be successful at selling life insurance. She struggled for several years, but she just wasn’t closing many sales. Truth be told, she wasn’t seeing many prospects, either.

She knew she wasn’t doing well, and she often wondered if she was cut out for this kind of work. Every day, she’d start off with the  best of intentions, hoping she’d get some breaks,...

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How Being Grateful Can Bring You Greater Sales Success

May 28, 2019

The Success Tale of Two Life Insurance Professionals

Garrett and Gloria are two life insurance professionals who happen to work in the same office. They started about the same time, and they’re often in friendly competition to see who has the better week.

Sometimes Gloria is ahead, other times it’s Garrett. But lately, Gloria has seen her numbers grow, while Garrett’s numbers have been flat—even declining a bit, truth be told.


Yesterday was a typical day for both...

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